Hello and Welcome!

My name is Christine Maldonado. I am a dance teacher, choreographer, coach, and
the owner of CM DANCE COMPANY.

In 2012, I launched my own dance teaching business formally known as CM DANCE COMPANY. My teaching philosophy is centered around the belief that dance is essential to living a life that is happy, healthy, and whole. Since the inception of my business, I have helped countless of individuals, families, and communities celebrate their lives and deeply connect to themselves and their loved ones through dance. I am so honored to be of service to the community through dance. I look forward to dancing with you!


Most Recent Updates

Book Your Private Session Today!

I am now accepting bookings for wedding dance clients and performance coaching students for the summer time!  Please contact me or go directly to my online booking site to schedule your session. 

Ocean Grove Approved Vendor!

I am pleased to announce that CM Dance Company is an approved vendor with Ocean Grove Charter School! If you have a child that is enrolled with Ocean Grove Charter school, you can use your educational funds towards any of the learning programs that I offer.

I offer the following classes with the A Team Homeschool Community: musical theatre, creative dance storytelling, and digital journalism. In addition, you may also apply your funds to schedule private one on one performance coaching session.