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Opera Singer

Performance Coaching

My one on one performance coaching sessions are supported by my years of experience as a performing artist, dance choreographer, artistic director, and teacher. I work closely with each student to develop instruction that is tailored to how they learn best.  I ensure that my students understand and develop the skills required to create a powerful and memorable live performance, whether it be for an audition, production, or public presentation.  Most importantly, through the performing arts,  I help my students cultivate the necessary life skills that will help them thrive beyond the stage. 


All students will start with an initial  90 minute session which includes formal instruction and a thorough consultation to make sure I create the appropriate lesson plan to accomplish their overall goals. 


If you are preparing for something specific, such as an audition, I recommend scheduling your sessions with me at least 3 months prior to you audition/performance date. If your are preparing for something that is happening sooner than later, please contact me to see my availability. 


Lessons that are scheduled on the weekends happen in studio. Lessons during the weekday will be conducted in the student's home or chosen location. I am only working with students who are located in the south bay area. 



The initial 90 minute session is $150.  All sessions thereafter are $120/hr. 


Pregnant Belly

Maternity Leave in 2024

I am thrilled  to share that I am expecting my second child and giving birth in January of 2024!

From January to March, I will be on maternity leave and plan to open up my private lesson schedule starting April 1st.   A waiting list has been created for those who would like to be notified if my private lesson schedule opens up sooner than planned.  If you know you would like to work with me after April 1st,  you can schedule your session online now. Homeschool learning programs will be offered once again in the Fall of 2024. Thank you for your patience as I enter into a new season of my life.

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