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The First Dance

CM Dance Company has successfully helped couples prepare for their wedding day for over a decade. Through the process of dance instruction and movement coaching, couples learn how to show up feeling connected, confident, and ready to celebrate. Learning together in a private studio environment provides the necessary time and space to decompress from the wedding planning process and to ensure that you look good, feel good, and put together a memorable first dance moment that you will be proud to share with family, friends, and most importantly, one another. 

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All couples will start the wedding dance journey with a initial 90 minute session which includes an hour of dance instruction and a thorough consultation to go over your wedding dance desire and the best session plan to help achieve your wedding dance goals. 



I recommend every couple start at least 3 to 6 months prior to their wedding date. 


The amount of sessions a couple needs are different for every couple. The following factors will determine the amount of sessions I recommend: the wedding date, song choice(s), scheduling, and the details of the desired outcome.


Although I never recommend just taking one session, this is the best option if you are 1 to 2 weeks away from your weeking.  In 90 minutes, we will cover everything needed to navigate your first dance. Last minute sessions are based on availability. Please email to find out what my availability is for the week. 



The initial session is $250 for a 90 minute sessions. All sessions thereafter are $150/hr. Couples who book 5 or more sessions 3 months prior to their wedding date will receive a discounted rate.  On site instruction can be accommodated with an additional fee. 




Honor Dance

This session is especially designed for the parents of the bride and groom. A few sessions will help get any nervous jitters out of the way and help families do whats most important-honor and celebrate each other on this special day.

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Surprise Dance

For those who want to add an extra special touch by putting together a surprise dance routine to perform at their wedding-this service is for you.  This service does require a lot of logistics, so please contact me sooner than later if you'd like to put something like this together.

Pregnant Belly

Maternity Leave in 2024

I am thrilled  to share that I am expecting my second child and giving birth in January of 2024!

From January to March, I will be on maternity leave and plan to open up my private lesson schedule starting April 1st.   A waiting list has been created for those who would like to be notified if my private lesson schedule opens up sooner than planned.  If you know you would like to work with me after April 1st,  you can schedule your session online now. Homeschool learning programs will be offered once again in the Fall of 2024. Thank you for your patience as I enter into a new season of my life.

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