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Special Event Services

I help families feel and discover joy in the process of celebrating major life milestones.

Event planning is a major task-to say the least. By the time families bring me into their event planning process, they are stressed out, overwhelmed, or have become disconnected to the meaning of the special occasion because of the demands of event planning. I help families connect to the joy of planning a celebration. My special event services is customized to accommodate the needs of each individual family and can include the following:

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Artistic Direction

I help families navigate all presentational aspects of their special event. As the event artistic director, I work closely with event vendors on the day of the event to ensure all presentational elements and artistic details are executed seamlessly so families can focus on connecting to their loved ones during this monumental time. 

Dance Choreography

Creating dance choreography for special events includes managing dance rehearsal schedules, editing music, renting dance studio space, teaching  choreography that is fun and easy to learn, and everything else necessary to provide families an enjoyable process from beginning to end.

Speech Coaching

Families often request my assistance with formal speeches, toasts, and opening remarks, and prayers. I help my families write, edit, and rehearse the delivery of their speeches so they can confidently express their thoughts and emotions for a live audience. 

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Family Testimonials

I am so grateful for all the testimonials and media shared by my wedding couples and their families.
Down below are a few featured reviews for you to check out:

I love Christine! A few years back I had a cotillion for my debut and I was very nervous because more than half my cotillion had two left feet, especially my escort. I was very stressed with this situation but after our first practice I realize Christine was going to make this work and she did! She is patient and enthusiastic; we took it at a pace everyone was comfortable with.  What amazed me is that when people repeatedly don't understand she will try different ways to explain it! No one ever got frustrated, which in these events usually happen. I also appreciated that she can connect with different types of people. I am not the most graceful person but with her tips and her techniques my duet dance with my escort was amazing! She has an amazing personality and great passion! My theme was royalty and with her help she made it more than I expected. So thank you for turning my uncoordinated cotillion to a graceful court of princes and princesses!

Mariah A.

My family hired her to choreograph my younger sister's 18th birthday waltz. During our consultation time, she helped to cultivate creative, unique ideas for the dance that ended up being a tango-waltz. Our theme is Phantom of the Opera and when she started to teach us the dance, we found it dramatic, in character and couldn't have asked for more. She manages to keep all of our dancers in line-amazing (10 dancers, most of them middle school aged)! What tops off working with Christine is that she is very easy to talk to. She's kind, friendly and will teach you do dance looking like you've got years of training even if you've only got 5 weeks of it.

Monica U.

My sister was getting married and I was trying to organize a SURPRISE dance for her.  My idea was to do a flashmob and have as many of her guests participate in the dance as possible.  I needed help with the choreography.  I called several dance studios and most places seems a little confused with what I was trying to do but not Christine.  Once I called-Christine called me back right away.  That was a positive sign. She was so responsive. Once I talked to her, she knew exactly what I wanted.  She did the choreography of a dance in one week and we did a few dance lessons to learn the dance.  She was so AWESOME. Thank you Christine.  My sister said the flashmob was the highlight of her wedding and she was so surprised.  Anyone wanting to dance, call Christine. She is a great dancer but also organized and you can count on her. I will be recommending her to anyone looking for dance lessons in Silicon Valley.

Neda S.

Christine did an amazing job for my daughter's birthday party.  My daughter wanted a hip-hop dance theme party and show.  Christine came to our house and did warm-ups, games and choreographed a show with over 15 kids.  They had so much fun and the show they gave at the end of the party was adorable!  She is great with the kids - joking, laughing, getting everyone comfortable and relaxed.  She made the event so much fun and really tailored it to everybody's needs and comfort level.  I highly recommend Christine.  She is fun, professional and really great at what she does.

Eliza H.

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